Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Scene In Which Something Big Descends From Heaven

Something amazing has descended from heaven just in time for the upcoming Christian holiday of Easter, and it's not Jesus.

It's better than Jesus.

(Folks, it's called creative license. Go with me here.)

Recently I was having a discussion about Cadbury creme eggs with someone (for the life of me I can't remember who) and the conversation turned from their chocolatey, soft-fondant filled supreme gooey yummines to, well, their not-so-awesome packaging and size.

Practially guaranteed to melt and drip all over your fingers, these little eggs also come wrapped in a pathetically small amount of oft-ripped foil, making you cringe as you realize that you've mistakenly grabbed one in the store that has been exposed to not just your grimy mitts, but those of everyone who reached into the container before you.

Sidenote- I remember who it was that I was talking to. It was the checkout guy at CVS, because I was getting one of them as a splurge when I went in to pick up some things for my trip. It was the one that always chats to everyone about what they're buying, and the reason he lit on the Cadbury eggs was because, um, the other items in my basket were a bottle of shampoo, my no-baby pills and Tampax. (Which, as we all know, you Do. Not. Make. Conversation. About. with the checkout folks. Seriously, it's bad enough that people who graduated from my university work at the pharmacy and I have to go in there and be all like oh hey, I used to have astronomy with you! Um, yeah, I need a refill of my no-baby pills. Thanks.)


Back to the important stuff.

Because today, I made one of the most important Eastertime discoveries since the tomb door rolled back and old Jesus wasn't inside.

Mini. Cadbury. Creme. Eggs.

By the dozen.

In a mini plastic egg container.


And not the ones we've all seen and THOUGHT were the mini-creme eggs but then turned out to be just plain milk chocolate Cadbury eggs or, worse, Cadbury knock-offs filled with peanut butter or crunchiness.No, folks, these were honest-to-goodness, bite-sized, no-mess, no-grimy-mitts-touching, Cadbury creme eggs.

It was like one of those moments where the clouds break, the beam of light shines down, and the chorus sings, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

It's good stuff.

Now if you'll excuse me.....

PS: Despite the blatant product placement, I was not in any way endorsed by Cadbury for the publishing of this post. But if anyone from Cadbury happens to read this, I'm open to the opportunity. Just send 3 samples of each item in your catalogue and I'll get right on those reviews!

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