Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Scene In Which I Am Out Of Title Ideas (aka Renovations Day 3)

Can you guess what THIS is?

If you guessed "my awesome new shower," you'd be right! But you'll have to wait for at least one more day to see the end result, 'cause it's not quiiiiiiiiite finished yet.

Since we're on the topic, though, have I mentioned how much I LOVE JENSEN TILE OMG?

Because I do.


Because you asked.

And since you asked, here's the story of how I came to know and love both these companies.

Awhile back (like 5 years ago when I moved in) I knew I'd eventually renovate the 1.5 bathrooms in my condo. As the years passed I'd get around to a place where I had the time and cash to do so, and inevitably, something else would crop up on the priority list....big time.

Stuff like ceilings falling in.


I finally came to the point where I was ready to have the bathrooms done and called in Jeff Morgan from M-Wood Corporation. Being that he's the husband of a Butler pal, and has done amazing work for his own home and other clients, he was a natural choice. Over several drafts of design plans and estimates, we crafted a solution that combined total renovation with the ability to save some cost by doing the materials search-and-purchase myself.

Since Jeff's talents lie largely in the woodworking arena, he often brings in Eric Jensen with Jensen Tile to do that aspect of it. Several weeks ago, both of these guys as well as a couple members of the crew came over for a walk-through of the project and a brainstorming session- which I can't rave about enough. I had a fantastic time plotting out some of the ideas I'd had for the shower and bouncing ideas off the two professionals, who (as you'd expect) contributed some amazing thoughts as well. Given the materials I'd already purchased, they came up with a basic design.

Before Eric started this week, I laid the tile out on the floor of the living room and played around with the area that would be the mosaic center of the shower- and as soon as Eric walked in on the first day, he got right down on the floor and started checking out all the ideas! With his knowledge and expertise, we came up with a great design- and I loved that I was able to really see what I'd be getting on my wall. That especially allowed me to trust his judgement on other tile decisions.


Can't wait to share more photos with you tomorrow!

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