Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

One of the things I've always loved about the blogs I read is this little thing called "Not Me! Monday," started by the hilarious and insightful mother of 5 known as MckMama (how she manages to be this funny or write this often on top of having 5 kids I do NOT know, especially when I can't even muster a daily post.)

I always catch the "Not Me!" post on Tuesdays, upon which I always think "Darn! I'm going to catch that next week."


So, with that in mind, when I realized I was on MckMama's blog and it was STILL MONDAY! I had to jump on the chance to write my own Not Me! post.

Here goes!

This past week, I definitely did not use the fact that the bathrooms are currently being remodeled as an excuse for not cleaning the house. Nope, not me! I definitely clean up every day, especially when the house is getting daily doses of sawdust.

On Friday, I definitely did not eat my weight in State Fair food and swear to burn the calories off the next day cleaning the house......and on Saturday, I definitely did not forego cleaning the house to have a casual day with Cute Boy playing scrabble and drinking Saturday afternoon wine coolers.

Finally, today, I definitely did not oversleep and not shower before the contractors showed up, and when I discovered that they had turned the water off to the house, definitely did not simply spray some perfume on and forego showering before heading out for a lunch meeting. Nope, not me, and certainly not in the midst of this lovely heat wave!

What about you? What did you NOT do this week? Link up over at MckMama's!

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