Monday, August 3, 2009

The Scene In Which We Maybe Add An Ad....Thoughts?

I'm debating adding ads to my blog- and I'm letting YOU decide!

Here's why I'm thinking Yes:

First off, it's really easy to do- way to go, Blogger.

Secondly, I think that having ads on your blog has become pretty commonplace, and therefore is not as shocking as it might have been even six months ago. What?? She only has 54 readers this week? How DARE she think she can have an ad?!?!

Thirdly, and most importantly I think, this isn't a product-review blog.* Therefore, at no time are readers in danger of getting sucked into a story only to find out that the DAY WAS SAVED by WONDERPRODUCT, which YOU can OWN TODAY, by convinietly CLICKING OUR AD!

*Disclaimer- I do, or might, occasionally mention products I use/like. However, I am not an official reviewer and therefore have no relationships with any of the companies, do not recieve payment, do not recieve free product, and are not asked to review. If that ever happens, I will let you know - and if BMW is reading, I'd love to start with you, preferably your "Convertible" line.

Finally, the obvious but also most self-serving reason- getting paid for ads on my blog. In case you missed it back in June, I sort of, kind of, a little bit quit my job? and while I am doing just fine with my company and also with a fantastic lab in Chicago that I am doing marketing/admin work for, a little extra bit here and there sure wouldn't be turned down, if you know what I mean.

But for argument's sake, I'm still not entirely sure that I want ads. Will they make my blog less genuine? Will profiting ever-so-slightly from sharing the hilarity and beauty I find in the world around me make it less meaningful? Will I just be another blogger putting in my time to keep my readership up, not because I really have something that ohmygod I just HAVE to blog about??

So, since you're the ones who will ultimately be affected by this change, let me know what you think. There's a poll up in the sidebar (like, um, where the ads would be) for the next week, and you can also leave me a comment.


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