Friday, August 28, 2009

The Scene In Which I Just Kind Of Ramble....

.....because it's just been one of those weeks where lots of little moments are funny in a "taken as a whole that was kind of funny" way, and not so much in a "wow you should write a whole blog post about that" way.

Plus I am on some cold medicine, so I am kind of loopy. this week:

The bugs are out to get me. Seriously. Aside from the two mega spiders who have taken up residence on my porch and in my cherry tree, there is a massive cicada who likes to perch on the siding right outside my front door every morning. You know, riiiiiiight where I have to stand while I'm locking or unlocking the door. And He. Is. Watching. Me.

It's freaky.

Then, as Younger Brother was moving stuff in the other night, Mr. Big Moth decided that he wanted to live with us, as well. And flew in. And when I mention he was big, I mean, this thing was the size of a freaking bat. This resulted in about a half-hour of my mom and I alternately screaming like little girls and shouting instructions at Younger Brother as he attempted to squirt Mr. Big Moth with a water bottle to coax him off the ceiling so he could trap him against the wall with my tupperware cake plate cover.

It was midnight, ok? This was our super plan.

And it worked really really well, thank you very much.

Plus, if you need a laugh, just picture this: Younger Brother, having successfully trapped Mr. Big Moth, gingerly places the cake pan on the street outside my house, pulls the cookie sheet off the top, and sprints like you-know-what for the house.

Mr. Big Moth is clinging for dear, sweet, bug-style life to the cookie sheet.

I don't think I've ever seen Younger Brother jump as high, or shriek so shrilly, while simultaneously chucking a cookie sheet, frisbee-style, over the lawn.


Speaking of Younger Brother. He moved in. Which is great (because he does things like trap big moths for me), but man, the kid eats a lot. Seriously. What the heck is it with boys? They're like garbage disposals. But it's fun to talk to someone other than the, not that I talk to the dog.

It's also fun to have someone to run errands with, like the other day when I had to go up to Toys R Us to see if they had Skip-Its in stock yet. They don't. But they did have very cute reuseable grocery bags with elephants on them, and if you know me at all, you know I love elephants. So I bought two for a whopping $2 and had this very fun conversation with the checkout employee:

Employee: "Do you need a bag for these?" (Ummmm.....I am BUYING bags. Not only that, but I am buying RE-USE-ABLE bags.)

Me: "No, that's ok."

Employee: "Did you find everything you needed today?"

Me: "Nope."

Employee: "Did anyone help you find what you needed?"

Me: "Nope."

Employee: "Great. Have a nice day!"

Me: " too."

Other than that it's been a rather uneventful week. I had some meetings. I made some flowers. I did some marketing stuff. I sneezed a lot. I decided that although I really liked the Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" song and thought I was never going to get sick of it when it first came out, I'm kind of sick of it now. I decided that I really like the new Wilco song and will never get sick of it.

All in all, a good week. Hope yours was, as well!

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