Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tips from the Calendar- September

Part 9 in a 2011 series of recycling tips courtesy of my dayplanner. Because it's nearly time for sweaters!

Tip of the Month: Prevent 300 pounds of CO2 every year by buying fluorescent light bulbs. They use 60% less energy than regular bulbs.

Week 35: Brighten your living space. Add indoor houseplants to improve your air quality.

Week 36: Skip regular toothpaste. Use baking soda and water to brush your teeth. (*I don't think I'm going to implement this one.)

Week 37: Ditch your ride. Start walking or cycling.

Week 38: Always turn off lights an appliances when you leave a room (*because your houseplants won't care if it's dark).

Week 39: Eat more organic fruits and vegetables. They have fewer pesticides and more nutrients.

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