Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Scene In Which We Buy (Another) House, and Life Is (Still) Pretty Normal

If I haven't posted much over the past few weeks, it's because things around here are starting to seem a little....repetitive.

The dogs are blowing their coats....still.

I'm cleaning out closest for Goodwill and trying to purge a bunch of crap before we move.....still.

I'm doing admin on Mondays, cleaning on Tuesdays, meetings on Wednesdays, creating on Thursdays and Fridays, and setting up weddings on Fridays and Saturdays. And while I love my job (I LOVE MY JOB!) this will pretty much continue from now until the end of October or the first week of November. So.....still.

We're working on planning the wedding....still. (Get back to me this time next year. We'll be three days out!)

We're buying a house! ..........again. Yep, we've made an offer that's been accepted on another house in an area we love! Now it's just time to wait for the inspection and cross our fingers that these people aren't murderers who have hidden the bones of their prey in the walls, since that's pretty much the only horror left to find during an inspection process for us. Or that they have mice.

Life is at a blissfully normal, still-going pace right now, and while it doesn't leave me much to blog about, I'm happy to take a break now because I know there are more blog-worthy tales coming up in my future.

Because one of these days we are going to GET a house, inspect a house, and actually CLOSE on a house.

And then, my friends, Cute Boy and I are going to pack up all our crap and move.

Into our house.


So if you'll excuse me...I'm going to go nap while I can :)

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