Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Scene In Which We Are House-Hunting! (Advice, please!)

It's official- Cute Boy and I are shackin' up!

We've been on the hunt for a few weeks now, checking out properties in and around Indy, and to be honest, I'm a little surprised at how well it's been going.

I think it's because Realtor Brad was due for some good house-hunting karma with me. A few years ago, Realtor Brad toured my brother and I around a couple places within our budget.

Including one with bullet holes.

We were due for some good houses, is all I'm sayin'.

But back to our search! Cute Boy and I are looking at a few different neighborhoods in town, and over the course of looking at about 15 or 16 different houses, have narrowed it down to two areas we like, with two houses in both areas.

And this is where, YOU GUYS, I am struggling.

I love them all.

There are things about them all that I don't love.

But there are lots more things I love.

In an ideal world, I want the adorable paint colors and awesome finished basement of the first....along with the neat 1930s features and neighborhood proximity of the second.....along with the backyard, deck, master bedroom bathroom & extra vanity of the third, with the open layout and split-level features and kitchen of the fourth......

.....but I can't have that.

Which is fine.

But I need some help, pals! When YOU were looking for the house you are in (especially if this involved purchasing/renting/obtaining said house with your significant other), how did YOU decide which one was the best for you? What features did you find you valued most highly? And, following the choice you made, what things did you realize later you didn't really care about?


  1. We HAD to have 3 bedrooms...seems crazy for a childless couple, but I need an office and he needed studio space. We also wanted good outdoor space for our pets and gardening. But the most important thing was safety. We wanted a stable neighborhood...coming from a "transitional" neighborhood, I was ready to NOT worry about what was going to happen every night.

    Ultimately, we chose something that needed a manageable amount of work that had all of the must-haves and a few nice extras too.

    Budget was the hardest thing for us...the houses we REALLY wanted were $30-$40K outside our budget...devastating! So, be strong!!

  2. I would not recommend a split-level house, especially if the only way to get to a bathroom is either to go up or down the stairs. (source: my brother had one of those houses, but since he has moved, he knows better.)

  3. Thanks girls! Both great comments. Be watching for this space as we introduce our new home in the next few weeks....can you guess which one we went with?!