Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tips From The Calendar- January

Being somewhat *cough cough* of a type-A when it comes to my calendar, it should come as no surprise that I still use the paper version.

Specifically, the "Week At A Glance", full-sized, doesn't fit in your purse, sorted-into-15-minute-segments paper version.

It's my thing.

But in the age of uber-technology and eco-friendliness, I decided to make a bold step.

I bought the recycled paper version.

Ok fine. Maybe not so bold.

However! It makes me feel better about using paper, and in addition, gives me cute little helpful "Recycling Tips!" each week and each month. Because they make me giggle but are also easy and thoughful tips, I thought I'd publish them here. Enjoy, scoff, or just generally disregard.

January's tips are:
(Bonus tip: Week 52 of 2010): Don't staple it. Instead, use a paperclip! Paperclips are an excellent example of a reuseable office supply.
Tip of the Month: Program your temperature. Programmable thremostats can save up to 1800 lbs of CO2 emissions every year.
Week 1: Old school. Use non-electrical appliances and gadgets. (*Giggle. Dirty mind.)
Week 2: If you're purchasing a new refridgerator, consider upgrading to a smaller version. The smaller your icebox, the less energy you'll use.
Week 3: Use natural cleaning products. Avoid products that contain chlorine, which when mixed with ammonia or other acids can produce toxic gases. (*Avoid our upstairs bathroom after Taco Night with Younger Brother for the same reason.)
Week 4: Design and plant a community garden! (*This tip not meant for people living anywhere remotely cold during the 4th week of the year.)

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