Friday, July 2, 2010

The Scene In Which We Have One Year, Interns, Cute Puppies and Other Shiny Things

I meant to write a witty introductory motif this morning, but I'm too distracted by the cuteness of Cute Boy, who is stomping around on an air matress "deflating" it.

So far it's not working.

It is, however, amusing our friends' 3-month old Goldendoodle puppy Marty, or, as I prefer to call him, "the cutiest squishiest smooshiest teddy bear puppy baby EVER!"

He's yipping and play-bowing to a sweatshirt right now. Be still my heart.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to have a Goldendoodle at some point.

At any rate, I've been feeling a bit neglectful of the poor blog lately, but for good reason- business has been busy!! Last weekend brought three weddings for the flower biz, and thankfully my mom came in to help me and my intern out.

What's that? Did I say intern? OH YES I DID.

Because I have one.

And she rocks. She's super creative, a fast learner, and absolutely the best first employee I've ever hired. I'm going to cry when she leaves me to go back to high school in the fall but I'm really hoping I'll get to keep her on some Saturdays since she lives nearby. If you want to check out a project aside from flowers she recently helped with, check out Becky Gets Crafty! (It'll be the aprons, when I get around to posting them.)

Speaking of the biz, big milestones there! In June we hit our official "Becky has been self-employed for ONE WHOLE YEAR" mark- woohoo! The studio is nearly finished and we've got a grand opening coming up in about two weeks.

Also celebrating a year last week was.....drumroll and Cute Boy! It's hard to believe that it has been a year since that cute guy who lived in the condo behind me informed me (not asked, informed) that I was going to a concert with him and some friends....and that the rest would turn out to be history. Speaking of things cutesy and smooshy, we had an awesome one-year dinner at Dunaways, where minus a few cocktail drinkers at one point, we had the entire rooftop to ourselves. Score one for Wednesday anniversaries and impending thunderstorms!

And now we're hanging with some friends, celebrating Canada Day today and getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July this weekend...more blogs to follow later about our trip!


  1. Is there a "4th of July" in Canada? :) I promise I'm not being sarcastic...I really am curious! :)

  2. No, but I made them all celebrate!! Actually I just made them take lots of boat rides and reminded them all that I was American. The kids weren't too impressed. But you wouldn't know that....'cause I forgot to actually post the post I wrote about it!! Coming now!