Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Scene In Which The Insects Are Taking Over

Has anyone else noticed that, regardless of where you hang your hat these days, it's been a really buggy spring and summer?

(Ok, maybe not totally regardless of where you hang your hat, because I'm betting that in, say, Antarctica the mosquitoes aren't stinging too badly yet- but who knows!)

In our house, it started in early April with the minor appearance of about ten ants on our windowsill in the kitchen. We put out a trap, sprayed some Raid, and voila- problem solved.

Yeah right.

Pretty soon the ants were taking over where the mice left off this winter (thankfully) turning the kitchen into their new playspace.

A call to Circle City Pest Control remedied this mess with a natural solution safe for pets (awesome).

But it's not just the ants. Ohhhhhhh no.

(Cue the dark, ominous music.)

We've had two large spiders (and by large I mean, put your thumb and forefinger together in a circle type large) one of which I'm pretty sure was a wolf spider and, according to Cute Boy, virtually exploded when he whapped it with a magazine.

We've had a ton of moths, about ten times as many as we usually do, congregating around the outdoor lights and trying to find their way in.

And speaking of things flying around, OHMYGOD are there FLYING ANTS?!?! Because I'm pretty sure that's what those things look like and EW! Killed a good thirty or so of those in the last few days around the door.

(Cue scene of me crouching down to unlock my door and rushing inside frantically shaking out my hair after slamming the door shut.)

Can we talk creepy-crawlies? While I -thankfully- haven't killed any earwigs in the house this season, they HAVE take up residence in my new cedar birdfeeder. I'm not sure what to do about them and, as a result, haven't fed the birds in about a week.

(Side story: as I write this, my skin is LITERALLY crawling. I've stopped a good three or four times to shimmy around and scratch my arms. Eeeeeuuuuugggh!!!)

Luckily I have the Internet at my disposal (that is, until the rabid mutant bugs chew through the lines outside....) and have found this great list and these good tips for ridding yourself of common household pets.

However, I'd really love to know if everyone else is experiencing a buggy season right now, or if I'm due for another application of pest control to the outside of the house. How are the bugs at YOUR place this year?

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