Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Scene In Which I Start Another Blog.

I know.

Trust me, I can't believe it myself.

But, (and Cute Boy laughs every time I say this because he knows it means I've been putting a lot of thought into whatever I'm about to pronounce): HERE'S THE THING: I had to do it.

I had to do it because the other blog I've started is, in fact, a craft blog. And while I know that my audience here might enjoy the occasional craft story (especially when they go awry- like the time when I was 11 and my friend Lisa and I decided to have an "ocean-themed art show" in my basement and decided mood lighting in the form of putting a blue plastic bag over the lightbulb was a good idea....) I can't imagine starting a blog post here with "Today I was creating these supercute felt flower/button pins!"

I had to do it because once I had the idea to do it, I was off and running with more ideas for more posts and, had I put them all on here, this would have turned into a craft blog anyway.

And finally, I had to do it because - if we're being honest - if I'm going to go ahead and share cake recipes, flower-making tips, and knitting know-how, I think it's best if those things are separated from posts about trying to learn to ski, or vacations in Toronto with Cute Boy.

Thus, a Blog Was Born, and it can be found at should you be inclined to pull out your yarn anytime soon.

But trust me, should hilarity, embarassment or utter failure occur during the creation of any crafting - you'll be the first to know, right here.

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