Monday, January 11, 2010

The Scene In Which I Resolve Not To Resolve.

Every year, it seems, Americans go a little nuts when Dick Clark drops the big ball and we start writing (or at least trying to remember to write) a new year on all of our checks. Because after the confetti hits the ground, we start thinking of all the little things we want to resolve to do in the new year.

We resolve to diet more.

We resolve to exercise more.

We resolve to clean our houses.

We resolve to clean our closets.

We resolve to stop smoking. To stop eating crappy food. To get out more. To stay in more. To do more. To do less. To say more. To say less. To do this or that or not to do this or that. TO CHANGE.

I hate resolutions, and here's why: when you've got to resolve to DO something you haven't already been doing, the reason for that is probably because whatever it is you want to be doing SUCKS.

And it probably sucks because, like so many, we don't really understand the what, how or why in actually reinforcing those behaviors.

So I'm not making a resolution this year.

Instead, I'm creating a belief statement, based on things I feel I can improve, maintain, or decrease in my current life. A belief statement, because unlike a resolution to change, I BELIEVE I can do these things.

For example, I BELIEVE I will continue to live a caffeine-free lifestyle in 2010. I BELIEVE in the health benefits and the better quality of life I have experienced since ditching the soda and coffee in 2009. I BELIEVE that I will continue to exercise on a regular basis and I BELIEVE that I am capable of exercising at least three times per week. I BELIEVE I will continue to make reasonably healthy food choices and I BELIEVE that I am capable of cooking more, and eating out less.I BELIEVE I am capable of sustaining my relationships with friends and family by spending quality (not quantity) time with the people I love. I BELIEVE I will continue to give of my time, energy and funds to causes that I feel better the planet. I BELIEVE I will keep my house organized and I BELIEVE that a big part of that will be when I open a studio outside the house for my biz, which I BELIEVE I will be doing in the early part of the year, and I BELIEVE that that business will have a successful year and bill over a certain amount in product and services (but I'm keepin' that number to myself, thanks!).

I'm not saying it's a foolproof system, but I have to think that when you can wake up in the morning and believe that you are capable of living the life you want, you've got a better chance for success than waking up and thinking of all the things you've resolved to change.

Or maybe I'm just a wellness-seeking, flower-making, knitting-loving, crazy hippie :) Regardless, I wish you much success in making 2010 whatever you want it to be!

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