Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Scene In Which I (Don't) Got?

As someone who has worked in the marketing industry, not to mention someone who dates a Cute Boy currently working in that industry, I'm a sucker for a good slogan.

Here's where I would share an example of a good slogan with you, if I could think of one at the moment. But I can't. Because all I really want to do is talk about how freaking sick I am of the "Got Milk?" rip-off campaigns that are constantly invading the advertising world, with little regard to the fact that this slogan was new, exciting, and innovative MORE THAN TEN YEARS AGO.

Back then "Got Milk?" was cute and quirky and short and sweet and witty and original and now it is none of those things, NONE, people, and I would like the universe to cease and desist on any new "Got?" campaigns, immediately.

Got milk? Got teeth? Got faith? Got hope? Got college? Got love? Got veggies? Got vegan? Got beer? Got pot? Got money?

I've been noticing the overuse of this phrase for awhile now, as I'm sure many of you have. The sudden need to blog in a rant-like state about it now maaaaaay or may not have something to do with the fact that I was cut off on the highway today by an a-hole with a "Got Hope?" sticker plastered to the back of his car.

That did it.

"I do NOT have hope!" I snarled at the offensive driver. "I do NOT have hope that you are going to learn to drive ANYTIME soon, I do NOT have hope that I'm going to make it home without being rear-ended or sideswiped by some other a-hole on this freaking highway, and above all, I do NOT HAVE HOPE THAT ONE DAY SOON, SOMEONE IS GOING TO INVENT AN ADVERTISING SLOGAN THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT I DON'T "GOT"!!!!!!"

Deep breaths.

The sad part is, the "Got?" campaigns, because they are quirky and short, inherently leave the door open for products and personas as far apart as beer and President Obama to adapt them. Not so much the case with popular longstanding campaigns "It's What's For Dinner," or "The Other White Meat," which manage to be both quirky yet relevant to only a small series of products (or so it would seem, anyhow).

More deep breaths.

Thus endeth my rant on why you'll never see me parading around in a "Got Milk?" t-shirt or, heaven forbid, adapting the slogan for business use and handing out "Got Flowers?" cards at events.

After all, I do......Got Creativity.

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